Apero-bio + Concert



You want to spend a memorable evening in an idyllic location ? Enjoying the sunset on the beach, on the banks of the Annecy Lake ?

La Crique invite you, every Friday night at 6.30 pm (July & August), to a nice evening called “Apero-bio” ! (Organic Aperitif)

You can enjoy on site organic vines, beers, fruits juice and appetizer boards. Every week, local artists will play their music repertory to create a festive atmosphere.


The evening menu :

- Appetizer boards for 2 or 4 people, with local and/or organic products carefully selected (fish terrine, salty cakes, wraps, vegetables dips…) – Vegetarian formula available

- Red, rose ad white wine (organic)

- Blond and amber beers (organic)

- Fruits juice and other cold drinks (organic)


Be carreful : you need to book your appetizer board the wednesdy before the event (on site, by phone or email)


Enter is free, but artists count on you to help them with a hat participation


Excessive drinking is dangerous for health, consume with moderation


- It can be cool outside close to the lake, take warm clothes with you-
- A flashlight to help you to go back

   From : 0 years
From 1 participants
season : from juillet to août
prices :

Appetizer board for 1/2 people : 15€

Appetizer board for 3/4 people : 25€

Soft from 2,5€

Drinks with alcohol from 4,5€


To the beach
6111 Digue à Panade

Caution : The Criq'Parc is located 300 metres on foot far from the first car park

Apero-bio + Concert


This group offer us a various Jazz repertoire, add some Sambas and Bossas Novas, and of course, some personal compositions !

The Happy Swing Quartet is a band with 2 old friends : the good and famous Dominique Dubray, playing saxophone and flute. And his trip partner from the famous and old regional group Whiffenpoof, Yves Baudoux who plays drums

Daniel Falleti, amazing and unique, quickly joined them to sing and play bass.

And more recently, the talented and likeable Marc Meyer caught up with the rest of the bans to sing with Daniel, and play piano. 

Apero-bio + Concert

TSFO : 12 July 2019

Between the French Alps and Laurel Canyon’s Californy, The Spring Folk Orchestra are on ths time and the season borders.

Melodies holding by the wind, a fresh and strange air, like a nice late summer day, away from the bustle and the noise…

A captivating voice accompanied by guitars and a Lap steel, bass and drums and you have a mystical atmosphere.

A Folk/Rock universe to discover or rediscover, to allow yourself to travel !


Their last album ‘Indian Summer”, recorded in the old way, and mastered by Bob Katz, fits in the “revival” scene with artists like Shovel & Rope, Moriarty, The Head and the Heart, Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne ou Shakey Graves.

Leather & Woods

Two years 

Apero-bio + Concert

MICK RUSTICK : 19/07/2019

Mick is a singer, an accordionist and a guitar player who write his own wild and rustic songs.

For 5 years, he sang with "RAZAD" (2 records and more than 100 concerts), and since 2011, he is appears on stage under the “Mick Rustic” nickname to propose performances with different kind of music.

More than 120 concerts, 2 records with his own compositions and more than 1000 shows for different kind of atmosphere. Mick Rustick knows how to make an unforgettable evening for you. 

Que tes yeux me retiennent 

Apero-bio + Concert

JHUG'BOX : 26/07/2019

In the beginning of 2015, following an audition at the Chambéy musical college, five musicians met each other.

Two voices from Jazz and Reggae, a bass clarinet, a guitar and drums. Even the group is atypical, the alchemy works. Their songs in French and English brings you in their dreamlike and imagined world. With a music sometimes Pop, sometimes Rock or Funk, Jhug’box creates both a nostalgic and melancholic, and happy universe. 

The Devils' Waltz

Live au Brise Glace

Apero-bio + Concert

A TROUVER : 02/08/2019

C'est le moment de lâcher prise et d'embarquer vers un univers lumineux imprégné de sonorité pop et folk.

Les chansons de Thaïs Té, interpellent l'auditeur et l'invitent à l'introspection. Elle peint des instants de vies d'une écriture sensible et sincère, sur fond de mélodie douces et entêtantes.


Tout est calme

Apero-bio + Concert

GABRIELLE GRAU : 09/08/2019

Gabrielle Grau, an artist who is always surprising the public.

Her passion for music begins when she was 12 years old, and she learns how to play the guitar. With her beautiful voice which pleases a lot, she quickly starts to write her own songs which became increasingly successful.

Particularly influenced by the Afro-American music, she says she has different type of musical styles: from Quenn to Britney Spears or Carla Bruni, Gabrielle Grau takes her inspiration from in each music tracks she likes.

She is preparing her first EP and did the first part of both Julien Doré and Vianney’s concert. Today, Gabrielle Grau goes from concerts to concerts, always with her guitar ! 

Something bad in me

 Sign of the times

Apero-bio + Concert

MIELLE : 16/08/2019

MIElle is a Pop Rock Folk trio. The beautiful voice of Mylène Devevey, professional singer is accompanied by two guitarists, David Delacotte and Pierre Michel.

This group is revisiting, with intelligence, different style like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Doors and some other well known artists.

This touching trio, thanks to the great complicity between the members, will give ou something special for the evening.  

Help (The Beatles)

Glorybox (Portishead)

Apero-bio + Concert

SOLSOUM DUO : 23/08/2019

Aude & Juliette mixe their voices to performe a vocal and accoustic duet : Solsoum !

A close travel through the world's cultures, where violoncello and guitar resonate with the percussions pace. 

La Bohème (Charles Aznavour)

Apero-bio + Concert


En 2012, des musiciens débordant d’énergie décident d'unir leurs talents et créent Dúshlán.

4 musiciens pour une identité musicale originale qui tourne autour de leur passion commune pour la musique irlandaise.

Le groupe possède un répertoire puisé dans les traditions celtiques transmises jusqu’à nos jours depuis les clans gaéliques du XIème siècle: un mélange de reels, jigs, ballades et chansons. Les arrangements résolument contemporains allient rythmiques groovy et touches jazzy, aux airs traditionnels et compositions originales. 

Dúshlán ne se limite pas à la musique irlandaise et s'ouvre aux musiques Celtiques d'Ecosse, de Bretagne, de Galice et des Asturies.

Kesh Jig & Dusty Windowsills  

Star of the County Down