What do you think of a working session on the shore of Lake Annecy?
You will work in a calm and soothing place, and enjoy "nature" breaks in the private garden or on the beach!

Our meeting room

Our refuge fits perfectly into the idyllic setting of La Crique, on the shores of Annecy Lake. Renovated with sustainable and eco-responsible materials, it can host your meetings, conferences, debate meetings, etc... The 45m² room inside the shelter is fully equipped and heated in winter.

equipment available

The meeting room is fully equipped with the material you will need for your working sessions :

  • Paper board and markers, whiteboard, screen and video projector, wifi access, recycled pencils and paper, unlimited water .
  • Illuminated by daylight, it has an access door to our private garden, to enjoy nature breaks.
  • We welcome you with an organic coffee or tea
  • Private locker rooms and toilets are at your disposal

room layout

  • In Theatre : the chairs are lined up facing the screen or the speaker leading the meeting, ideal for a presentation. There are not necessarily tables in this type of arrangement. (45 people)
  • U-shaped : tables are arranged in a U-shape, with the chairs around. This allows a projection on a screen, with the possibility for discussion, exchange and work at the same time. Ideal for a business meeting. (24 people)
  • A bit like school : Tables and chairs face the screen or the speaker, so participants can follow the presentation while taking notes. Ideal for seminars of several days for more convenience. (24 people)
  • Boardmeeting : a large table is set up in the centre of the room, with chairs all around. Ideal for more informal meetings and in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone can express themselves simply.

our study packages

Our prices for this meeting room :

  • €150 / half day (excl. of tax)
  • €250 / day (excl. of tax)

In addition, you will be able to choose the breakfast option or sweet break depending on your meeting schedule. Our team will take care of everything for you.

And for lunch, several choices are available depending on the number of participants, but also on your wishes and your budget.

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