Sit comfortably on the beach, facing the lake, and admire the breathtaking view of the mountains.
Then take time to take a refreshing break; we have everything you need at La Roulotte.

The "Roulotte"

The do-it-yourself boss of La Crique thought about and imagined the concept of our trailer, which was built by the team members. We used sustainable materials, to be coherent with our eco-responsible value.

You will find on site :

  • Fresh drinks
  • Hot drinks
  • Organic ice cream

Beverage side :

Our Beverages are carefully selected, from a French family house, with similar commitments to ours. Their values, such as responsibility and authenticity, go hand in hand with their use of organic farming. Quality ingredients, for a sustainable development approach.

Their goal: to find the perfect balance between the pleasure of taste and the well-being of their consumers.

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  • The fruit is picked when ripe, and respecting the course of the seasons, for tasty drinks. These fruit juices are made without chemical residues, additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. They retain all their nutrients and are rich in vitamins for the well-being of all.
  • All the ingredients, not just the fruit, are organically grown.
  • The creation of each product is done in complete transparency: betting on everyone's health is necessary.
  • In line with the evolution of the consumption patterns and the customer expectations, this manufacturing company is constantly looking for innovations to satisfy its customers.
  • Beverages are sold in recyclable glass bottles. The impact on the environment is therefore reduced and like us, they are betting on 0 plastic!

We believe that these small gestures are necessary!

Find out our drinks menu :

Hot drinks :

  • Organic coffee (long and espresso)
  • Black (Earl Grey) / green (lemon) tea

Fresh drinks:

  • Iced teas: lemon-ginger / mint / pomegranate
  • Organic fruit juices: strawberry-raspberry / pineapple / peach / kiwi
  • Smoothies: mango-passion / raspberry-pear-banana / blueberry-apple-banana
  • Sodas: cola / lemon / lemonade

Ice side:

Our Ice The creators of the brand, sensitive to the environment and organic agriculture, have launched a bet: to create a range of organic frozen foods. And that's how the first supplier of this type of products appeared on the market, in 1994. We naturally called on them for their values, their ethics and their commitment to the quality of their products.

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Their little +:

  • They choose as much as possible products harvested or processed in France; if necessary, they limit themselves exclusively to products made in the European Union.
  • The small craftsmen are always valued.
  • Delivery pallets are reusable.
  • More than 98% of waste is recycled.

Find our ice cream menu :

  • Eskimos: milk chocolate & almonds / dark chocolate / white chocolate / mini chocolate
  • Cones: vanilla / vanilla-chocolate
  • Sorbet lollipop 4 flavors
  • Small jars: chocolate / coffee / coconut / vanilla / pistachio / mango / raspberry