Who are we? A united, available and full of life team, ready to welcome you and make you discover our little paradise. Our mission: to work while preserving this eco-responsible and resource-filled site, to set an example and to raise the awareness of young and old alike!

La crique & its criq'parc
By Annecy Aventure

Citation Etienne sur l'équipe.

Etienne, Fondateur

The big boss
Nothing can stop him when he has a project in mind! Handyman, joker, but also grumpy!
Mon écogeste quotidien
I cultivate my organic garden to eat healthy and seasonal products.
The boss of communication
Elle connait le site comme sa poche, La Crique n'a plus aucun secret pour elle !
Mon écogeste quotidien
I very often use my bike to move around
Le mini boss de La Crique
La pile électrique de La Crique, toujours en action, vous ne le trouverez jamais les bras croisés !
Mon écogeste quotidien
Je viens tous les jours à La Crique en vélo
The great intern
La stagiaire qui sait tout faire : la com', le parc et elle adore tester les activités !
Mon écogeste quotidien
Je favorise les achats en vrac !
The boss of the seminars
Mon écogeste quotidien
I make my own non-polluting household products.
The boss of the activities
Mon écogeste quotidien
Notre engagement pour un tourisme responsable

Become a team with our clients for a sustainable tourism!

For us, to be committed is to create a completely eco-friendly leisure center, La Crique and its Criq'Park, made from sustainable materials. By being an example, we hope to make change our clients', partners' and suppliers' habits.

To show that it is possible to live happily with only little impact on the environment.

In short, our mission is to raise awareness while having fun!

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